Wait, it’s 2014 already?

Hello old blog! I’m just posting a teeny update: I am alive. In fact, I just turned 24... TWENTY FOUR! I haven’t been a teenager for a while!

Yes, thought ya’ll would like to know.

And that I am -for the billionth time- attempting to blog again. So I’ve given my blog a reboot.


I really miss blogging, so that’s why I’m trying to start up again. And I will be phasing this blog out, possibly leaving a few posts still available. I just look at some of these posts and cringe, and I’d like to start fresh… And I’m thinking this blog has been dead for two years- so most people aren’t actively looking at it for updates. So if you want anything new from me please visit. I’ve been inactive for so long I would like to reconnect with people and be more involved in my blogging.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I really wish everyone the best.